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Sunday, December 14, 2014

September, I Miss You A Little.

Hey beautiful.
Are you missing September yet?
I mean I love the fact that we haven't had any snow storms but this cold is so bitter.
I miss being able to take my jacket off without my skin freezing over.
I miss breathing and not seeing smoke.
I miss being able to run to the car to get my phone charger at night.
Fall was my buddy.
Fall is gone. I'll accept it. And winter has been good to me. Sometimes she slips in a warm day.

I gave this coat away but now I want it back. It was kinda cool. I could sure used it right now. BRRR!

Shirt, Coat, & Skirt- H&M

Boots- Target

Well, another quick flashback post. I'm purging my camera.
I think I may be done but be sure to check out my latest post!
Oh & one of my favorites;

Thanks for reading.
Happy Holidays!


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