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Monday, December 15, 2014

Legs & Confidence

I take advantage of warm days.
Haven't been sick all this winter/fall *fingers crossed*.
I think it's a myth that if you dress light when the weather is nice in the winter you get sick.
At least it's never happened to me *knock knock*
Anywho my legs are making another appearance this winter.
Blogging has literally taken over my life.
I think I'm addicted.
I'm addicted.
I don't even shop because I need clothes anymore.
I shop keeping in mind what is blogable.
Obviously, the universe is in agreeance because two opportunities have fell right in my lap. 
One is with a very well-known retailer.
Can't wait to share with you guys.
(you said "On a Tuesday" in your mind, be honest)
Shameless Plug;
If you would like to see your designs/clothing featured on C.B.B.
E-mail me at
words that push me...
"Oh, your trying to do this now?"
"You wanna do what?!"
"Stay in your lane"
Yes. I will do this. I AM MY LANE.

I guess what I love most about this is the writing piece.
The advice I give.
The freedom.
The ability to be humorous & just plain OL' me.
I'm not exactly where I want to be.
But...well, you know the rest.
Sequined Skirt (Size 14) HERE
Similar Cap-Sleeved Blouse (L) HERE
Similar Riding Boots HERE
Whatever you are passionate about, you should set goals & just ATTACK. Swing hard but learn from your mistakes. Take constructive criticism & adjust. Constructive means serving a useful purpose; tending to build. Their intentions may be to tear you down but listen closely. Get out of your feelings & let them tell you what you did wrong. Always make sure it's constructive. Adjust & then check them out, inadvertently building you... *winks*

Don't let others transfer their doubt to you.
You can do it.
You were born to do it.
You will.

Thanks for reading!

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