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Monday, November 30, 2015

A Million Things

A million things have happened
since my last post.
some good
some awful
some amazing.

Experiences are the greatest gifts.
They teach you more than words
& are worth more than money.
The most beautiful things come from the darkest places.
& that's life.
things happen.
In honor of a million things, I'm gonna share a million things about me.
maybe 10 things.
random things.
like whatever comes to mind.

1. I love peanut chews like a family member.
(maybe a 2nd cousin)

2. If we are beefing, you can bring me food
& I promise everything will be ok.

3.  Ever since I got my bottom lip pierced I haven't been able to whistle.
(now how will I hit on Kobe Bryant?) 

4. I am a singer. I'm actually pretty dope.
(gotta few songs I might upload)

5. I lick the flavor off Doritos & put them back in the bag.

6. If I'm home, I only drink from wine glasses.
(it makes me feel rich & sexy)

7. I spend most of my time in my car.
(usually for work but mostly bc I'm weird)

8. I educate families on how to get to a better space financially.
(e-mail for a free FNA--must mention blog)

9. When I'm alone, I pour my milk before my cereal. 
Then I pour my cereal a little at a time--
so my cereal doesn't get soggy.

10. I know EVERY SINGLE WORD of The Lion King.

Lol. What's funny is, I could go to 50 and shock you but I'll let you live.
Post a weird/random fact about you in the comment section.
I'll feature the top 3 on my IG.

My outfit is pretty simple.
Details below.

Calvin Klein Handbag ($222)

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Studded Head Wrap



  1. My random thought.
    1. I hum and dance when I eat, because I LOVE eating lol
    2. I bite all the chocolate from around the Extra Crispy Kit Kat, throw it away and I only eat the wafer.

    1. LOLOL!!! That is hilarious. I know you have the weirdest eating habits but this new information is awesome!!! *evil laughs*

  2. I put ice cubes in my cereal becuz the milk has to be ice cold ... LOL
    Jeff C.

    1. Definitely one I had to feature on my IG! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. If I'm eating fast food( which I rarely do) I never eat my fries and sandwich at the same time... I always finish all of my fries and then eat the sandwich!! Is that weird?? Lol

    1. I have to eat my burger & fries together. Same with chips & subs! LOL. So, yes that makes you weird. *side eyes*

  4. I have an addiction to marshmallow fluff....just eat it out the jar by itself mm mmm

    1. Thats almost like eating peanut butter outta the jar :-(
      Too thick! Lol Good one!!

  5. When I use public restrooms I use my foot to flush the toilet. When leaving the bathroom I open the door with my fist...

    1. I do the same thing! Try tissue/paper towels on the way out!

  6. Now that I read your blog I don't feel so wierd about the things I! But a wierd fact about me,(not to mention very effective) when Im studying for a final or doing a hard H.W assignment, I make random noises and faces to get over that hump!

    1. Lol! MiMi, we all have those little weird things that we do.
      I appreciate your openness! Yes, you're weird :-)

  7. When I'm alone cooking, I like to act like I have my own cooking show, I know I'm not the only one who does that lol

    1. Lol! I do that too but with my friends on the phone just to annoy them lol

  8. You are soooo darn cute and I love it!!!!

    As far as me....hmmm...I have a lot of weird and crazy things about me:
    1. I have OCD (I'm sure anyone who knows me knows this), but I can't go to sleep until I am satisfied with how my room or house

    2. I have a fear of birds. Don't judge me but I absolutely HATE them. One time I was at the mall and a hawk came down and landed right on the hood of my car. Lets just say I stayed at the mall longer than I originally intended on because that bird was not moving....smh!

    3. Unlike most women, I am not a chocolate or dessert person AT ALL. I absolutely hate most desserts except for cheesecake, key lime pie, and cookies, but even then I have to be in the mood to eat them.

    1. OCD...The END! LOLOLOL! Thanks for sharing, Janelle!! *bird calls*

  9. If i get double cheese burger from McDonalds i eat everything first except the meat and then dip the meat in bbq sauce. Idk why... Tastes better that way.


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