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Monday, December 14, 2015

Be Present Without Dressing Like One This Christmas

So, it's time for the company Christmas party or even the yearly photo shoot. Whatever shall you wear?! Seems like if you're not wearing red it's not Christmasy enough. Well, holiday fashion does not always equal red/white/green for that matter. Conquer the holidays wearing ANY color!

First things first...
Here are some things you don't wanna look like this Christmas;


Gift Wrap.

An Elf.

An Ornament.
(anything else is fair game)

Now don't get me wrong. Red is still great to wear for the holidays.
But if I see ONE MORE red spandex mermaid gown...
I'm gonna throw up Christmas lights!
You have trenchcoats, sweaters, culottes, knit two-peices,
jumpers, sequin skirts, red leather, fur, etc.
 Break it up a little this year!
Try something a little non-traditional.

It's OK to wear BLACK.
I happen to be a huge fan of black.
Ride or Die.
Til death do us part.
Borderline obsessed.
I may have a problem.
I'd blog all black if it wasn't so familiar looking. :-)
But nonetheless, black is always an option & is usually my first.
You can never go wrong with black when accessorized properly.
Even at an all white party.
Who cares if your denied entry?!
You still made dem pieces hit tho.
*insert hair flips*

Find pieces that are festive.
Your entire outfit doesn't have to scream Christmas!
A few key items will set it off.
Cool accents can take you from plain to poppin.
Try a chunky necklace, shimmery blazer, or sequin pants/leggings.
Find 1 or 2 things that catch the eye.
Careful not to go overboard!
When you look back at your holiday photos you want to think "timeless".

Glitter is EVERYTHING.
When paired with the right toned down styles, you will light up any setting.
A little shimmer goes a long way.
I love me some glittery shoes or a glitzy handbag/clutch.
Glitter Me Down, babyyy!
Keep the shine in the same color family to avoid our list of NO-GO's.
*adds Christmas Tree*
You don't want to outdo the family tree, girl!
Remember "All is calm, all is Bright"!
Or "This little light of mine".
Key words; calm & little :-)

The Red Lip.
Please do not sleep on the power of the red lip.
This deserves a blog of it's own.*noted
Red lips are attention grabbing, sexy, & also pays homage to Santa--
so your outfit doesn't have to.
I love Ruby Woo by Mac.
To add depth use a black/dark brown lip liner & blend. 
NIGHTMOTH by Mac is my fav liner.
A bomb red lip is the most striking thing a human being can wear.
Don't debate me.
It's science.

Check out these great alternatives looks for this holiday season
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Outfit Details
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Shoes HERE

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Happy Holidays


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