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Saturday, December 13, 2014

How To Survive The Holiday Party

So, it's that time of year again. 
The ALMIGHTY holiday party has come upon us once again.
If you are anything like me, you just wanna show up, look cute, laugh, & exit.
Here are the 7 vital steps to surviving this year's party!
*warning: heavy sarcasm & high-brow humor*

1. Don't just show up. Make an ENTRANCE!
People have gotten used to seeing you in your work clothes completing your normal tasks, & being a robot. Sometimes they need a reminder that you are FABULOUS & it's an honor to be in your presence- HA! Don't show up on time. Arrive just a little later than everyone else. Walk in like you just stepped on the runway and have invisible fans blowing your hair.

2. Save the clubwear for the CLUB.
There is nothing worse than showing up to the company holiday party looking like a cougar on the prowl. Remember these are your co-workers with whom you have solid professional relationships. You can look good while maintaining your current level of respect. Don't show too much cleavage. Absolutely NO super short dresses/or skirts that may ride up & expose cheeks! The only cheeks we need to see should be covered in blush- LOL!

3. Know your alcohol limits & don't go near them.
I've heard some horror stories about how co-workers have gotten way out of hand at the company's holiday party. Do you want to be remembered & talked about every year for groping people, yelling, & climbing on tables? If your limit is 2 drinks, I'd say just have 1 to be safe. Enjoy yourself but not to the point where you make others feel uncomfortable. If you are doing something that could potentially end up on film with someone yelling out "WORLD STAR" in the background- DON'T DO IT. ALso, if you find yourself coming into physical contact with your co-workers, YOU ARE DRUNK. Call a ride and go home. 

4.Never be the last person to leave.
Seriously. Do I need to elaborate? You are not at your prom. It isn't funny anymore. Just go home. Nothing screams "I NEED LOVE" like being the last person at the party trying to get a few more drinks & laughs. Just give it up. I will be your friend. Add Me on Facebook.

5. Tell your Guy/Lady about flirty co-workers.
If you are bringing your significant other to the holiday party you may want to give them the heads up so they are not blind sided. That creepy supervisor may be a little tipsy & bold today. Your significant other WILL NOT care & BOOM! You've got workplace & at-home problems. Just tell them about it & stir clear of the non-sense. This should've been addressed a while ago but that's none of my business... *tea please*

6. Don't be anti-social.
As an introvert myself, I get really overwhelmed with  small talk. I hate to force a smile & put on my enthusiastic voice but I've mastered it. It's not that I'm not genuinely happy-go-lucky. I just get nervous when faced with the initial "How's it going?". I've learned to JUST DO IT. At least work the room & speak to everyone! Always start with a warm greeting & remember compliments will never fail you. Think of basic questions to ask everyone so that you are prepared (How are the kids? How is your husband? Are you going away for the holidays?, etc). You'll have plenty of time to stuff your face but for now let your personality shine, you LOVELY BUTTERFLY, you!

7. DO have a ton of fun.
I know I gave you a lot of things you should not do but here is the most important one. Have fun! Laugh. Smile. Eat. Dance-not like no one's watching though lol. Be merry. This is what the holiday's are all about. Spread love and kindness to others. Some people just need to see a smile or to share a laugh. It is so important that we communicate with each other. We grow as people by sharing ideas, visions, goals, & experiences. This season is the perfect time! 
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