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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Super Destroyed

I busted my jeans up even more & called them SUPER Destroyed.
See, there's a difference between destroyed & SUPER destroyed.
Destroyed is when you first buy them & they're all cutesy.
Super destroyed is when you're wrestling with your fiance' and you bust out the hip & knee holes.


I love this Calvin Klein vest!
I saw it on for $110 but it's currently sold out.
I got mine from Macy's & of course, it was the LAST one.
It's oversized--good for us glamazon's.
It has a double seam with a mesh collar.
It's a tailored fit and has a slight stretch which works well for my bOOby girls.
I wish my photographer wasn't being a pain bc the detail on this vest is crazy...
Love him though.

I've had this jacket since summer & I've never worn it. 
Got it at one of those little mall boutique stores- can't remember the name.
I found one HERE on
Not sure about the quality on that site though.
Also my jeans are from
Anyone 5'9 & above should know about this store already.
They offer denim in inseams up to 39"!
I'm 6'0" & my inseam is 37".
The jeans are reasonably priced, are usually a juniors fit but now they have expanded their store to plus sizes! YAY!
They also have a TALL SHOP just for the leggy ladies.

I could go on & ON about but you should check them out for yourself!
They have a huge sale right now --11/5/14

Thanks for reading! 
PLease HYPE this look on Lookbook?!



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