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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rags To Riches

Hey Cuties!
Quick Post.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for my #BeeDay post!
I am 23 years young now.
*blank stares*
Back to this look.
It's all about tattered prettiness.
 I did a white blazer to make it a little formal & also added that angelic look.
& everybody knows I'm an angel.
  This sidewalk is really my runway today.
Excuse me while I do what I do best.

 While it's not an everyday look, I absolutely love this mix between TOUGH & Elegance.
Buy this white jacket here.
It's slightly tailored, no buttons, & lined.
Thin shoulder padding.
Size 12.
 *i love your smile--doo doo doo doo doo doo do*
 STYLE TIP: Tear up some old jeans, pair with stockings (rip them up too if you ain't skurd), a plaid shirt/ sweater(for your waist), a fitted shirt/blazer, & maybe even a tie. Rock out!
Don't be afraid to be YOU.
Wear what you like.
Be wild.
Witcha' BAD self.

Thanks for stopping by!


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