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Monday, October 20, 2014

Little Red Dress + MORE

So, this post is new to you--OLD to me!
Every lady needs that one little red dress.
I love, love this dress. 
I like how its loose so I get away with it being so short.
I feel like a cheerleader with all these pleats--can't remember where I got this dress.
I didn't plan to wear this jacket (H&M). 
It just happened.
Kinda cool though.

I look like a sexy scientist!

I actually did a photo shoot with Nicole LeBris (NLBCreative) wearing this dress.
I had already shot my blog [ABOVE] but when she saw this dress in my wardrobe she loved it.
Here are a couple quick snapshots from that shoot!
They're amazing.
She also has really great rates too!
Hair, Makeup, Styling, & Photo by Nicole LeBris (NLBCreative)

Hair, Makeup, Styling, & Photo by Nicole LeBris (NLBCreative)

If you know me then you know how I feel about NLBCreative! 
First of all, she's a beast.
I've never seen anyone work so hard & efficiently. 
Hair, Makeup, Styling, Photography, & Retouching--All ON POINT.
Here are more photos from the shoot that are actually on my agencies website.

Now wasn't that a sexy surprise?!

Booking Info;

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