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Thursday, October 2, 2014

After School TCHS

Hey beauties! I've had a very BUSY month! Sorry for the hiatus! 
The good news is, I never stopped shooting.
So, I  have about 6 really dope posts-which I'll be scheduling tonight.
Hat: IM NOT TELLING ha, j/k!
Jacket: HERE
Shirt: HERE
Similar Skirt: HERE
Tights: HERE
Boots: HERE

This look was inspired by Dionne (Stacy Dash) of the movie Clueless.
She's so stylish & sassy. 
I was Dionne when my friends & I chose our characters from the movie.
I actually caught 'Clueless' on cable a couple weeks ago.
 I was so shocked at the sexual content that I knew nothing of at the time-HA!
Still one of my favs.
Here's one of my inspiration shots;

There are so many rules about  what to wear, what's flattering, & what's trending...
We seem to forget/discourage individuality.
Everyone is not going to wear what you would wear.
We are all different.
I encourage all women to wear whatever the flip they'd like.
Take risks.
Go commando. I won't tell.
Tee-Hee :-)

Let fashion be your freedom.
Hit or miss, it's still YOURS!
You are still awesome.

Live Happy.
Be a nerd.
Dress like a Spice Girl.
or a

BUT--I absolutely LOVE this hat. 
I've had it for about two weeks & I've literally worn it at least 7 times.
It makes me feel like I'm in Paris.
Oui, Oui!

This blog was shot at Trenton Central High School in New Jersey.
Man, I have so many memories here.
I remember everyone had those Nokia phones playing snake (when texting was free).
I remember cd players & those yellow Sony boomboxes.
I remember the Beanie Sigel Jada Diss on that "Put Your Hands Up" beat.

 I remember kissing my crush in lover's lane...(you'd have to be from Trenton to know that spot)
I remember the smell of the track during the spring months.
I remember the laughs.
I remember old friends.
I remember graduation.
I remember Wayne Bethea...God, I miss him.


Now look at my little guys.
Hanging out on the same steps I stood waiting for my best friend to come out at.
Creating new memories, while I remembering mine...

Thanks for reading wonderful people! 
Stay tuned. 


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