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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Carolina Sunshine

As we were heading out of North Carolina, I spotted this field--looks like tobacco.
I made my fiance stop driving just to get out & catch this sunlight.
Overexposed photos.
My favorite hat.
My favorite lip.
I'm in hippy heaven.

This little cutie, Maddie did not want to take this picture.
You can't even tell by that beautiful smile.
She was coerced by her mother-HA!

Dress HERE

Watching my fiance with his family made me so happy.
I admire how close everyone is.
Random: We both have grandma Bettye's.
I mean, I don't know a Bettye that isn't cool as ever.
Dope breeds Dope.

My hat is making it's 2nd appearance on the blog. 
I need to warn you that I really love this hat.
Like, seriously.
I could wear this everyday.
There are only two things I wear everyday.

Fun Fact: The two things that I wear everyday are my engagement ring & Michael Kors watch.
Both mean so much to me.
The story about the watch is really romantical.
But I'm so private, you'd probably never know.
& he better feel special about that. 
I don't even wear underwear everyday.
Even though under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I ever move to North Carolina,
I must admit it was beautiful.
But I'm a city girl now.
Florida is as country as I will get.
Bye, NC!


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