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Monday, April 9, 2018

The Baecation That Changed My Relationship

I'm not gonna tell you what resort this is. This is our secret spot. So boo-hoo!;) 

These are some pics that you didn't see. It was such an amazing experience--the pictures do it NO justice.

No kids. Just us. Reconnecting. Having fun again. Getting closer. Freezing moments. Finding #US.
The moments we shared were not just pictures. We actually ENJOYED our time together. *sighs*
At night we went to an empty night club on the resort & played Jumbo Jenga and some new UNO game. We made our own rules because the instructions were in spanish. I haven't laughed as hard in YEARS.  
We randomly danced everywhere. At dinner. On the beach. On the balcony. Out shopping. I felt so FREE. Is this what it's like to not have kids?! LOL!
 Now get into this room. OMG. I could've spent the entire time here but I was forced to get out and venture off of the resort (SAFELY).

 Preston made my 30th so special & the food was sooooooooooo good! I chose this resort for the food. They did not disappoint. Later I'll create another blog of the food for you to be jealous of.  

Leaving Mexico (hint) was so bittersweet. The time that we spent together was priceless. I wasn't gonna blog this because I wanted these pictures to be OURS. Then I thought about how amazing these moments were & decided to share it. Every single picture has a story. 10 years from now I'll be able to look at these SPECIFIC photos and smile at the stories that you can't see. That's my life with him. You see beautiful pics of us together but you have no idea how amazing our relationship is or how deep our bond is. We're not perfect but we choose each other. Everyday. <3


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