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Friday, March 9, 2018

You’re In Love Bro (6 Tell-Tale Signs)

1.You feel like you're floating whenever they're around. This is mostly due to the amount of dopamine that's being released into your body. It creates the feeling of happiness & euphoria. So your brain really makes you hiiiiiigh when you're in love. You're on dope!

2. You can't keep your mind off of them. You can't stop thinking about your convo's & the times you've spent with them so far. You bring them up as much as humanly possible in EVERY conversation bc every thought leads back to them. You just can't stop daydreaming about them bc it's the closest thing to seeing them. Whether you admit it or not, they occupy a space in your mind. A big space. And it feels amazing.

3. They become UNIQUE in your eyes. Even though you can't quite put your finger on it, there is something special about them. Somehow they are different than any other guy/girl you've connected with. Not better. Just different. Dopamine also affects your senses. What you see, how you see it, what you feel, how you perceive what is felt. Perspective is everything. Actually, perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. Being in love actually alters how you process things. Everything is more intense. More meaningful. More beautiful. I see nothing wrong with this. The reality is, maybe it helps us to TRULY appreciate what's in front of us. Do this carefully :)

4. Attraction out of this world! If you are not sexually active at this point—the desire is REAL, ain’t it! Ha! This is where you should hold out. I’m not here to tell you what to do but I’ma tell you what to do. WAIT. When these feelings subside you’ll thank me later. But if you absolutely must crack that safe just remember all that glitters is NOT gold. It ain’t bronze. Psssh...sometimes it ain’t even plastic. Whatever the case is, It’s does feel good to want someone with everything in you. It feels even better to know that they want you the same way.

5.Everything is good about them. Negatives do not matter or simply do not exist.
This is where you find out that if you REALLY wanted to, you can make any relationship work. You actually have the ability to block out her needy ways. You don’t even care about his baby mama or the kid he has on the way lol! All you care about is how amazing he/she is & how you are willing to make it work. Imagine if you could exercise this for the duration of your relationships?

6.Youre emotions are all over the place. You can go from complete euphoria to anxiety and pain when things don’t go exactly your way. Especially if you guys aren’t exclusive. One minute you’re on this adventure to finding your soulmate & the next you’re stressed out alone in your room wondering if he’s gonna get back with his bm. Racing heart, high energy, running around your house like a chicken bc he’s outside but you’re not dressed, sleeplessness, racin thoughts—this is stressful lol. I read that when you see a picture of the person you’re in love with it sparks up the area of your brain that activate when a drug addict take a hit. See, you’re a junkie. So stop wondering why people act crazy when you just up and abandon them. The withdrawal is real!
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Some people downplay this stage bc they see it as a weakness. I say...Ride it out. See where it goes. This new feeling doesn't last forever but you'll never forget the way he/she made you feel! It’s actually a strength to see the best in the right person. You are strong for being able to blur everyone else to focus ONE Make sure he’s really what you want before you’re in too deep. Make sure she is everything that you see when you look into her eyes. GOOD LUCK, JUNKIES!


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