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Monday, July 7, 2014

Simple Style Blog: Go Nude

Hey ladies! Planning on attending a wedding? Don't know what to wear? Here are some fun little tips to remember before choosing. Especially if you are MY friend and plan on attending my wedding next spring.
 My number one tip for female wedding guests is; JUST GO NUDE!

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 Never wear black to a wedding. EVER.
 "Even if it was a fire." -Brennan (from the movie Step Brothers)
Don't show up looking like you just left Campbell's Funeral Home-LOL.

Try not to be a skank! I know it's hard for us long-legged beauties but no mini-skirts/dresses. Trust me you don't want that kind of attention. No one will ever forget how you ruined James & Ashley's wedding with your freak-nasty dress. Hehehe...
Right above the knee is just fine.

No prom dresses, crowns, or tiara's. No, Please? Thanks.
You are on the last row with a crown. Bye Miss America.
*inserts crying emoji*

I wouldn't normally wear white to someone's wedding but I have seen some cute little numbers.
However, I'd stick to pearl/nude/beige. If it's just a plain dress then you may want to add some style. Throw on a cute shoe/ flower/some accessories to bring it to life & BAM- you're done.

One thing that you ABSOLUTELY MUST WEAR, is a smile! Look at your supportive, beautiful, well-dressed self. You're amazing!

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