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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Time 3:47p
Day: Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Song: Fergie-Glamourous 

Hi world,

I am just so excited about the turn my life just took. Many know that I have been modeling for just 2 months shy of 2yrs. This has been a bumpy road but promising nonetheless. I just had to document where I am now. It's a good place for me...

So, this is the e-mail I recieved right before the Curves Rock Fashion Show! 

I was so exciteddd but you know I'm a thug so I had to play it off like it was cool. Lol! It was all good until I saw what I was wearing in the show!

I must admit, I went into my Beyonce mode! I mean, how sexy is that?! 

So after the show, I was tagged in a post & went to Ashley Stewart's IG to find these!

I quickly reposted & thanked A.S. for having me & the replied.... 
See why I'm so happpppy?!!!

That was Sunday. By Tuesday, I was contacted & signed to Bicoastal Models! WooooooHooooo! It's been a week & I'm already out going on castings. I have thee best agent. Ever. 

Just wanted to keep this moment. This is a WIN for me but the WORK starts now!


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