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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Curvily Ever After: Live Taping

Hey! Welcome back to CBB. Thanks for visiting. I know I usually say this at the end but I thought I'd switch it up & let you know I appreciate you stopping by. I want to share with you some behind the scenes photos from a bridal segment I was featured in last week. The show 'Ginger New York' airs in Manhattan & is live!  I wore the most gorgeous gown design by Sherita Jennings (VisceraNY). Viscera NY is a womenswear line focused in demi-couture evening wear. Her designs are true to size and also Curvy-Friendly! Don't I look like a happy bride?

As you can see we had a blast! I was nervous about the show being live but as soon as I got to set, I snapped into model mode. I love my photog! he did an amazing job. Kudos to Brittnie Scurry on the retouching. Wait, that's me. Oh ok. Ha!

Thanks again! 


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