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Monday, March 17, 2014

Flamingo Flower Bomb

I know it's March but, "Can you feel the heat on my skin?" 
I'm just about ready for the summer & spring hasn't even started!
As a matter of fact, can we just go ahead and skip right to July?

Summer is a tall girl's playground. Mini skirts, short shorts, maxi's, capri's... I could go on forever about how we no longer have to worry about flooding inseams & long-sleeve shirts that look 3/4. Being curvy & TALL is wonderful but not so much in terms of shopping. 

I love shopping around between Torrid, Alloy, ASOS, H&M, Macy's & Forever 21. These stores offer a great blend for the tall & curvy. I'm a little on the smaller side of the curve (size 12) so sometimes I can squeeze into a (L). It's tricky though because my shoulders are very broad-as with most glamazons.

These high-waist shorts work wonders for my pooch and they are very stretchy -great for us curvy ladies. They go perfect with crop tops & if it wasn't freezing I would have mixed it up a bit.

Heart Pendant & Chain :Forever 21

 Watch: Michael Kors (my fav, lol)
 Elephant Charm Link Bracelet: Forever 21
Double Bead Ring: H&M

Nude Pumps: Steve Madden

TallGirlTip=101 Less is more! Grease those legs & rock your short shorts this summer!
Thanks for reading this week! Stay Tuned! 
<3 <3  <3



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