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Monday, February 24, 2014

Office Hottie

This look is very simple. Black & white. As you can see, I wear black quite a bit but it's not because it's slimming. I just love the way it makes every outfit look "uniform".

Let's start with my blazer...

I got it at Macy's for $60 and it's definitely a key piece! It has very thin shoulder pads. The shoulder pads give a boxy look which is great for my long neck! The lace sleeves are also a cool touch. I keep them rolled up! My arms are so long I end up doing that to most jackets. #TallGirlTip100

My Top...

The shirt is an over-sized button up I got last year from H&M. Very sheer (which I hate) but goes great under blazers, jackets, or sweaters. Another cool trick is to roll up the sleeves & tie the front- Like in the early 90's. This will give you a completely different look.

The high-waist skirt, shoes, & neclace are from Forever 21. I bought some really cute spring clothes there -including booty shorts! So be on the lookout 8-) Oh, & H&M has THEE best tights, oh my WORD!!!

I finally have a good camera so keep checking for new photos! Thanks for reading! Subscribe, comment, & follow me on facebook at:



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