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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need New Friends

Having a friend there by your side will help reduce stress so make room for them. You can't ever have enough TRUE friends. The older I get the more I can attest. It's so fun getting to know them, sharing your humor, & creating those brand new inside jokes. Finding a new friend (I don't use this term loosely) is like finding a precious diamond. Keep Them. *bling*
Especially if you're in a new city or at a new job--new friends will instantly boost your confidence.
They give you a new sense of TEAM & are like family. The security that a TRUE friend brings is priceless. They will reinforce your good character while making you feel comfortable about taking on new things. Another positive perspective is always a plus. New friends have what I call "brand new eyes" meaning they know no limitations when it comes to you. They'll give you that boost you need.
Smiling boosts your immune system and puts you in a better mood. It's also contagious. My new friend, Deja is actually one of my co-workers. We work in an office setting & the days can be a drag sometimes. But honestly, since we became friends work doesn't feel like work anymore. My days are always filled with obnoxious laughter, empowering counseling sessions, & trips to the mall during lunch. :)
No matter how many times you've done something, when it's with a new friend--it's more exciting! You may find hobbies that you never thought you'd be interested in by bouncing ideas around.
Go painting, indoor skydiving, out to dinner, the movies (Girl's Trip was awesome)! Whether it's sharing makeup/hair tips or getting your nails done together these experiences will help build trust and help create lasting memories. Take a million pics! Blog them! It's an excellent way to scrapbook.

Let's face it--we all go through things in life. Whether it's death, relationship problems, financial woes, problems on the job, or mental health issues a TRUE friend can help make these times easier. Sometimes all you need is a shoulder or an ear. Sometimes our old friends are going through things themselves. Maybe they're even tired of hearing about your problems. New friends usually jump at the opportunity to show their support. I know that in the beginning of a friendship I always make it a point to prove why I'm the one you wanna keep around. That's also part of building trust. That process never stops. It's lifelong.
I'm not saying that every new person you meet is your friend. PLEASE DON'T MISINTERPRET. But everyone is a possibility until they prove otherwise. Guard your heart above all but also remember that there is a friend that will stick closer to you than a brother. Never close that door. People will surprise you. I've known Deja for a little over a year but it feels like I've know her my whole life. When is the last time you made a FRIEND?


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