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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Loitering While Hot

I been about this THUG LIFE. I break rules. I don't care how you feel. I'll do exactly what I want.
Whenever I want. Exactly the way I want...wearing what I want.

You are now tuned in to Curvy Brittnie TV!

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"There's a long-legged girl in San Francisco by the Golden Gate."
"She said she'd give me all I wanted but I just couldn't wait."
 "I started to pickin em up & layin em down,
pickin em up & layin em down..."
 "There's a pretty brown in Birmingham..."
 So, who said I couldn't loiter in front of this building? Right across from the police station. Like a boss...
Paint? Tee-Hee!
 You keep all the rules, keep quiet. I'll keep doing what ppl said I could not. 
I'll keep going against the grain.
I'll keep failing. I'll keep trying. I'll keep growing.
I'll keep SUCCESS.
 A sense of freedom comes when you JUST DO what you are passionate about.
& right now, I'm passionate about looking amazing while breaking the law. 
Sue Me.

I can do ALL things.
Brittnie the mama, model, mentor, photographer, ceo, singer, dancer, actress.
I am in no ones box.
Just be glad you get a glimpse into my life.
I'm freaking awesome.
*toot, toot*

I can only hope you feel the same way about yourself.
Don't wait for someone else to compliment you. 
You are what you THINK you are.
Stay curvy, beauty!
*credit MayaAngelou*
P.S. I'm really NOT a thug.


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