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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Curvy Brittnie: 5 Simple Steps To Loving You!

Hey guys! As you know I am a plus model on the rise. Just thought I'd update you with some really cool images from my last shoot as well as give you my 5 Tips To Loving You. My journey is in motion and it has been a pleasure to share it with you all! I am such an advocate for body acceptance & self-love. Beauty comes in ALL shapes & sizes! I love every curve & every roll on my size 12 frame. If that makes you uncomfortable then, hit that X that sits in the top corner of the page! I am kind, bold, giving, courageous, funny, & intelligent!  My beauty goes beyond what you see- & I know you see it lol. I have also learned to love what I see. You only get ONE body. Stop waiting on other people to validate you. You are already APPROVED!

Here are my 5 simple steps to begin the lifelong journey of LOVING YOU!
1.  REALIZE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT. Yes, you will fail sometimes but failing does not make you a failure. Stop being so hard on yourself. Are you gonna let the expectations of others/yourself  weigh down or nah? Run your own race. Work hard. & when you finally realize & accept that you're not perfect, just smile & be human. It's all good! Every PRO was an AMATEUR once.

2.BE YOURSELF.  As long as you live, you will never have another body. Whether you're happy about that or not doesn't change anything. There is only ONE of you in this entire world.You hit the lottery with your one of a kind self! Now what does that mean? Before you can be true to you, you must first learn who you are. Find what you are passionate about. Learn what makes you happy. Know what keeps you going. Do what you love. Be creative & unique. Be weird. Weird is good.

3.Express Yourself. Whether it's through music, poetry, writing, modeling, acting, etc. Be opinionated about everything. Now, you don't always have to share-especially if it's negative! But get into the habit of speaking your mind. When done in the right way, this is a very powerful tool. Your personal opinion, right or wrong, is still YOURS! It releases a certain confidence in you that cannot be taken away.

4. STOP SAYING NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF. I don't do this anymore. I am very well aware of my downfalls. I don't need to remind ME of them regularly. You can call me conceited/big-headed/arrogant -BUT I have enough people talking about what THEY don't like about me. I'm pretty dope in my opinion. There's nothing else to talk about.

5. Take care of yourself. Don't neglect YOU. You are no good to others unless you are good to yourself. Take care of your body. Don't miss your check-ups, cancer screenings, mammograms, dentist appointments, or hair/nail appointments! Exercise regularly. Eat right. Take your vitamins. Take care of your skin. Drink water. Go on a shopping trip at least once a month if possible. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT forget about YOURSELF. I have two children (boys 4&5yrs) and I dedicate my entire life to them, most times forgetting about me. I turned into that frumpy mom picking her kids up from school. I would never wear a robe/hair tie outside (get that out of your mind, ha!) but I just got caught up in the ZOMBIE MOMMY ROUTINE. I am still struggling in this area but my modeling career picks up where I slack. Don't you love being beautiful & healthy. Even when you're sick, it feels good to nurse yourself back to good health. Your health & hygeine are the 2 most important components to LOVING YOU!

"There are times when you'll need someoneI will be by your sideThere is a light that shinesSpecial for you and meI never knew a luh, luh luh, a love like thisGotta be somethin' for me to write this..."

These are only the beginning steps to loving yourself. This is a lifelong commitment. I just hope my words have encouraged someone to start! Thanks for reading! 


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