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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Curvy Brittnie Blogs: Welcome

Photo Credit: Enrique Vega

Welcome to my Blog beautiful being!  I was inspired to start blogging years ago & now that I am focused- I'M ALL IN. My blog will be fashion based (mostly plus-size) with some occasional HOT topics. I will be blogging 1-2 times per week (at least once each week). Don't forget to subscribe! 

Jean Jacket, White Tank : H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Photo credit: Antonio Guerra

My dress size is 12 & I am 6'0" tall. It's extremely hard finding reasonably priced, fashionable clothes for glamazons like myself. My height and bootyliciousness (spell-check, lol) is a gift & a curse. But I've learned a few tricks along the way-Yes, I'll share!

My personal style is casual with a hint of sexy. I love a simple, clean, and effortless look. My top two Rules of Style are #1. Clothing must be comfortable and  #2. Must be figure flattering. I am constantly trying new styles & trends to see what works! I also spend hours searching for stores that carry extended sizes.                                                                          Stay tuned for Tall Girl Tips <3

Photo credit: Enrique Vega

As a plus-size model, I fall into the "In-Between" size category. Some say I'm too skinny for plus modeling, others say I'm the perfect size for plus modeling. I've been called everything from skinny to fat.
Trust me, I've heard it ALL!

Call me plus, curvy, slim, delicious-whatever you choose. I'm not easily offended & I love a person with a strong opinion- I happen to be one of them! No, I'm not a sexy size 20, but I'm not a dainty size 3 either. 

I am CURVY & Proud. 
                                     100% Against Body Shaming.
                                                                                 Pro-Healthy Living. 
                                                                                                              A Hippy Hippie (pun intended).


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